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Paper Reading Group

Welcome to our AI Research Paper Reading Group, where industry-leading instructors guide us through the intricate world of artificial intelligence research. Our weekly online events provide a unique opportunity to gain insights, network, and delve into cutting-edge AI advancements. Join us as we explore research papers that shape the future of AI, guided by experts who bridge the gap between theory and application.

How it works

Our mission is to foster a dynamic and inclusive space for AI enthusiasts, researchers, students, and professionals. With industry instructors at the helm, we offer a platform for deep discussions, critical analysis, and collaborative learning within the AI community.

Handpicked Papers

Our team, in collaboration with seasoned industry instructors, selects research papers that are both relevant and transformative across various AI domains.


Guided Explorations

Our industry instructors take the lead, unraveling complex concepts and breaking down technical jargon. They provide clear explanations, contextual insights, and real-world applications.


Engaging Discussions

During our weekly online events, industry instructors facilitate interactive discussions around the paper's core ideas, methodologies, practical implications, and potential breakthroughs.


Networking and Expertise

Whether you're a seasoned AI professional or a newcomer, our reading group offers an exceptional opportunity to expand your network, learn from industry experts, and deepen your AI knowledge.


Join us

Are you eager to gain insights from industry leaders, unravel complex AI research, and connect with a vibrant community? Whether you're a researcher, practitioner, or curious about AI, we welcome you to join our reading group. Participation is open and free for all.


Email to or concat via wechat at entropydl_tech for more information!

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