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With Applied AI

EntropyDL platform unleashes the full potential of your products with our best-in-class AI solutions, ensuring safety and innovation from concept to creation.


Get to Know Us

Our scientists and developers hail from renowned tech companies and academic institutions. They have worked on AI products with millions of users, published extensively in top academic journals, and are currently at the forefront of developing algorithms and applications


At EntropyDL, we have established partnerships with leading companies in various sectors, including content creation, smart editing, searching, and education. Our team also brings together experts from these industries to provide cutting-edge projects and courses that bridge different areas of knowledge, immersing students in the domain of machine learning and deep learning. 

Customize Your Own Path To AI

Transforming Products with Cutting-Edge Technologies - Empowering Business Owners.

Building an Inclusive AI Community - Advancing Artificial Intelligence for All.

research platform

Research Platform

We build an AI-powered research platform, designed to empower researchers with advanced tools and intelligent insights, streamlining the research paper writing process and enhancing overall efficiency in academic pursuits.

AI algorithm

AI Algorithms & Model Updates

We provide AI service tailored for business owners, providing advanced AI solutions and real-time model updates to optimize operations, boost decision-making, and drive sustained growth in the ever-evolving market landscape.



We are dedicated to crafting industry projects for big tech companies, led by top-tier tutors, to foster seamless collaboration between academia and industry, propelling innovation and transforming theoretical knowledge into real-world solutions.

Allen Zhang, CA

"Working with these folks on our industry project was a blast! They paired us up with top-notch tutors and big tech companies, and we cooked up some mind-blowing stuff."

 Olivia Miller, WA

I always thought AI was only for big companies, but this team changed my mind. They made AI accessible and understandable to our small business. Their tailored AI solutions fit perfectly with our needs. Thanks to them, we're now on the cutting edge of technology!

Austin Sheng, WA

The mentors they provided were phenomenal. We tackled real-world challenges head-on and came up with innovative solutions that exceeded our expectations, which turned into my first research paper. Thanks a ton!


2301 5th Ave,

Seattle, WA 98121


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